The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Image Source: Grace Boedker

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The leaves are changing, and the weather is cooler. But the real beauty of fall can be found in the chaos. “Ugh! I’m so busy!” Might be a thought running rampant through your head, as you run from class to a club meeting, to a hang out with your friends to do homework and eat dinner, because that’s the only time you can see each other with your busy schedules. But that’s the beauty of it. We are so fortunate to be busy. To scramble from one thing to another, shoving a cliff bar in our mouths as we swing our door shut and head out to take on the day. Sprinting to catch the train going from one campus to another. In the fall, we get to squeeze out every moment of the day until the tube is empty, then do it all again tomorrow. Every moment is seized. We need each one, so they are savored so much more. Friendships are cherished because we have limited time in our busy schedules. Downtime is appreciated because we don’t have much of it. We finally have the structure we craved during the summer, so don’t wish it away until winter break. Joy is hidden among the classes, activities, and everything in between. Does it come from the satisfaction of knowing we utilized every second of the day? Or the fact that it simply distracted us from the demons in our heads? Maybe it’s the idea that life blooms with every breath we take and each fit of laughter shared that makes us realize that these are the moments we are going to wish to have again when our days at school are long behind us. No matter what it is, the joy is there. All you have to do is recognize it within the chaos.