The Most Impressive Cultural Complex

Have you ever seen such an extensive library? You may be surprised by how much bigger it is in person than the images you’ve seen online. This library is a cultural complex called COEX and is located in Seoul, Korea. It has a high-floor bookcase and many tables arranged and will be very suitable for finding the books you want. Anyone can relax, talk, and read books in this warm sunny place. Beyond just its size, this library stands out because it is not too quiet, and anyone can enter freely. 

However, there are not only libraries in COEX. There are also movie theaters, many restaurants, coffee shops, and clothing stores here for you to enjoy and experience. In Korea, these complex cultural spaces are often gathered in one building. These tall buildings and layouts are because it is densely populated and has small land. And because of this, creativity needs to utilize this large number of floors. This is one of the reasons why there are many buildings with various functions in Korea. Buildings with these different functions are very convenient. We can find another purpose even if we don’t visit a place with a specific purpose. For example, you might come to COEX to watch a movie but start shopping, even if it wasn’t planned.

It is also a great opportunity to experience various cultures at once. It could be more efficient to visit several places for this. A complex cultural space like COEX can solve all of these problems. 

If you visit COEX, you can meet all ages, from young children to senior citizens. Enjoying everything you want to do with your family, friends, and lovers in this one space could be more enriching. I hope you can feel the creativity of space as well as the cultural creativity.