The Most Fabulous Five

Image Source: W Magazine

Throughout quarantine, one of my favorite pastimes has got to be binge-watching shows. Netflix and I have gotten to know each other very well, and one of the shows I decided to binge-watch was Queer Eye. For those who have not seen it, Queer Eye is a show about the Fab Five: they are five men in the LGBTQ+ community who do a lifestyle makeover for one person in each episode. It is a week of a physical makeover, learning, and self-reflection for everyone. I had watched a few episodes here and there before, but I had never watched a full season. Once I started, I successfully binge-watched all 5 seasons and the Japan special in a week and a half. Queer Eye is definitely a feel-good show and one that impacted me more than I thought it would. 

Not only did I learn more about the LGBTQ+ community through this show, but I also felt that I was being helped in a lot of different ways by learning some of Antoni’s cooking tips and Karamo’s advice. I’ve been taking time to reflect on myself, and my decision to binge-watch Queer Eye couldn’t have come at a better time. I know that it’s easy to pick out your flaws and be self-deprecating; I’ve been guilty of this, and so have some of the people who have been on Queer Eye. But, it’s important to improve on parts of yourself that you are not happy with, and to embrace the things that are great about yourself instead of feeling down and not taking action. By seeing how the Fab Five members have gone through difficulties in their own lives and found ways to move past them, and how the nominated individuals go through a journey of loving and respecting themselves more, I’ve been able to apply a lot of this to my own life. 

Queer Eye is a show that is both humorous and touching at the same time. It shows the level of humanity and compassion people have for others, and it is informative in many ways. Most importantly, it promotes happiness, equality, acceptance, and loveall the things that are important for the world to have more of.