The Midnight Gospel

Image Source: New Times

When we begin to feel the stresses of life, it is important to find a way to relax and release some of the tension building from being overwhelmed. I have a tendency to push myself past the point of breaking to get stuff done and forget that it is important to take care of myself. For me, I find it relaxing to watch comfort shows, things I’ve seen and enjoyed many times before. This allows me to escape feeling the pressure of keeping up with new plot lines and characters while also allowing me to relax and enjoy a good show. In times like this, I often find myself drawn to The Midnight Gospel on Netflix. Although on the darker side of the spectrum, each episode is beautifully animated and offers a comforting conversation on hard topics.

The Midnight Gospel follows Clancy Gilroy, a space podcaster, as he conducts interviews all across the universe. The conversations from these interviews come from The Duncan Trussell Family Hour podcast hosted by Duncan Trussell. Each episode covers topics ranging from spirituality and consciousness to existentialism and comedy. The content of the series is curated from over 400 episodes of the original podcast audio. 

These may seem like heavy topics to relax, but Duncan Trussell and Pendleton Ward –the creators of the show–present new ways of thinking about these concepts through colorful animations. I have found that the discussions in The Midnight Gospel are sometimes hard to grasp but are presented in a familiar and comfortable setting. This allows me to feel at peace with the thoughts I find myself overwhelmed by at times. I have also found that with each viewing experience, I come away with more than the time before and therefore never find myself uninterested in the series.

While I can’t get enough of The Midnight Gospel, I understand that it may not be for everyone. We all unwind in different ways. However, if you’re a fan of dark comedy and have an interest in understanding common feelings while processing such difficult concepts, I recommend you give The Midnight Gospel a chance.