The Last Bookstore

Image Source: Belana Beeck

Recently I went to visit The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles. This is a great place for book lovers, writers, or those who want to visit unique places. 

This bookstore has several classic photo opportunities. One is a tunnel of books lit up with lights, and the other is a lookout point surrounded by books that form a circle. There are also hanging books and pages that look amazing. This magical place was made to be an inspiration to its visitors, and they sell items that everyone can love. From art to books to records, this bookstore has it all. They also carry a section of books that only cost a dollar. 

One of my favorite places was a vintage section. This little room was filled with old books that have beautiful spines. I love reading books that were published hundreds of years ago because it highlights the purpose of literature and storytelling: an everlasting tradition, and a way to immortalize a feeling, place, or person. If you’re ever in the area and are a lover of books don’t forget to check this place out and support the business!