The Kid From Akron Fulfilled His Promise

Image Source: USA Today

LeBron James has opened up a public school in the city of Akron and has finally followed through with his promise of giving back to his community. This school has currently enrolled 240 at-risk students, and includes ] all sorts of helpful amenities. Amenities include: free tuition, free uniforms, free breakfast and lunch, free bicycle and helmet, free transportation within 2 miles, food pantry for families, GED/job placement for families, and tuition paid for the University of Akron for all graduates. LeBron believes that every student should receive a bicycle because when he was a kid he used to ride his bicycle around town to avoid trouble.

Nevertheless, LeBron is doing something that is very rare for an athlete of his caliber, which is actually remembering his roots and giving back to them. Not only has he founded this school, but LeBron has also sent 1100 kids to college paying for all of their tuition. Even though he took his talents to the West Coast, he is proving that he still has his heart back in Cleveland.

All in all, what LeBron is doing off the court is more impressive than what he is doing on the court, and he is one of the all time greatest to play the game of basketball. LeBron himself says that out of all the accomplishments he has in the NBA, this school is his greatest achievement. He already inspires kids with his basketball prowess, but this school has him praised by all kinds of people. His basketball career may come to an end but his service to his community will live on for a long time to come.