The Inclusive Romantic Gameplay of Hades

Image Source: Game Rant

As an action-packed rogue-like video game where you play as the son of Hades trying to escape the Underworld, it seems like what may be at the forefront of your mind is what you need next to upgrade your weapon… not who you want to flirt with after defeating Theseus and the Minotaur, or being squashed by the Hydra. 

Yet, Hades balances the main action-oriented element of the game with a beautiful storyline and a freedom of choice with its romanceable characters. You play as the smooth-talking Zagreus who fights through the levels of the Underworld. Along the way, you meet a cast of personable characters to chat with—some of whom you can eventually romance by giving gifts to build relationship points! 

Are you more into the mysterious and beautiful god of death, Thanatos, who shows up on a whim to help you defeat enemies?

Or maybe Megaera, one of the taunting three Furies you confront in a mini-boss battle?  

You can even gain a deep relationship with Dusa, the Gorgon servant at the House of Hades, who affirms that she is asexual. 

And if you’re intrigued by both Meg and Thanatos, well—luckily for you, there happens to be a polyamorous option, too. 

The beautiful part of Hades is its faithful adaptation of LGBTQ stories that were prominent in Greek myths and legends, storylines that have been historically diminished in many Greek retellings and adaptations in modern media. One such story is that of Achilles and Patroclus from Homer’s Iliad. The characters appear in the game as non-playable characters, and as Zagreus, the player of the game can complete the side quest to reunite the two separated lovers. 

I find Hades’s LGBTQ+ representation remarkable and subtle: the main focus of the game is, of course, Zagreus’s journey to escape the Underworld, yet you can pursue romances if you so desire, with any gender you desire! Like many of the gods from Greek mythology, Zagreus is attracted to both men and women, and the game approaches the romances in a naturalistic way that is both faithful to Greek mythos and inclusive for the video game’s player. 
With Supergiant Games’ commitment to LGBTQ+ themes and storylines in Hades, I am excited to see what they will offer in their upcoming sequel, Hades II, where you play as a princess of the Underworld amidst a cast of both familiar and new characters.