The Importance of Diversity

Image Source: Mic

Hey everyone, today I’d like to talk about diversity and its importance. In today’s world, it’s key that everyone feels represented and heard. For thousands of years we have celebrated humanity within our own cultures. However, it’s essential that we celebrate every culture, race, sexuality, religion, and more, because we are all human, and every human being matters. 

In some ways, we have grown throughout the decades in terms of being welcoming, not discriminating, etc. However, we have yet to overcome this altogether. 

Like I mentioned before, every human being matters. We are all equal and must be shown respect. While every person might have their differences from one another, all in all, we are the same, and we all live in the same home, planet Earth. Therefore, the differences that some fixate on shouldn’t be a problem. We should always celebrate humanity. We should celebrate our differences, learn from them, and love them. 

I hope that this has served as a reminder of the progress we have created and all that should be recognized and honored. I also hope that everyone is staying healthy and safe during these unprecedented times.