The Importance of Diversity of Thought

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People always talk about diversity in terms of race and ethnicity, but they often overlook the variety found in things we can’t see, such as thought. 

Acknowledging that peer pressure is a natural part of human nature, we must recognize that it is an ever-present factor in classrooms; no matter how open or racially diverse we make the environment. Peer pressure comes in when most of the class thinks one way and another student, be they black, white, or brown, thinks another way. We cannot avoid peer pressure or these discouraging thoughts that hold us back from sharing, but we can encourage diversity of thought by facilitating more debate and discussion in classrooms. The presence of diverse ideas in classrooms and the workplace may change the way others view situations or topics. Thus, people who are among the majority of thinkers become more culturally aware and accepting of other perceptions. The key to discussion and debate is exposure to new topics and differing opinions. These differing opinions may not change our perspectives, but, regardless, they will open our eyes to new possibilities and ways of problem-solving.

By creating these inclusive environments, people from different backgrounds are more inclined to share their personal stories. Even if they don’t share their opinions during the discussion, they have the power to move others with the vulnerability shared through their narratives. When people take the first steps toward being vulnerable, it often invites others to open up and share their own experiences or allow themselves to be impacted by the message of others’ stories. Thus, it is important to present your authentic self in discussions. If not to share your individual experiences, it can encourage others to embrace theirs.

When people from differing backgrounds have a discussion, they can bring in examples from their unique past, culture, and other identities. People have multiple identities, merging to make them who they are. The merging of identities is called intersectionality. Your intersectionality bleeds into every aspect of your life, so when someone shares a personal anecdote, they acknowledge their intersectionality and how it factors into how they perceive the world. When people share these narratives in a safe environment, they share a part of their identity, thus providing others with insight into their lifestyle. Diversity of thought is a valuable experience for both parties. People who share their thoughts and stories gain the opportunity to feel heard, and those contributing to the conversation in other ways are often introduced to new ways of thinking. The author of bachelorarbeit schreiben lassen helped with the design of the text.