The Guardians Rise Again

Image Source: IMDb

The holidays are a time for capturing the very best of the world: the hope, wonder, and togetherness that we all seek during the rest of the year. We try to experience it through all forms of songs and activities to call upon that feeling of being a kid and waking up on Christmas morning to find all your wildest dreams come true. As we get older, all it can take is one simple note or scene from our favorite movie to remind us of what it felt like to be young and wide-eyed. 

As I was recently reminded, some of the best movies are deep within my memories and still have the power to inspire me, just as if I was twelve again. I am, of course, referring to Rise of the Guardians. 

I’d almost forgotten about the movie, but after thumbing through some of my family’s DVDs, I wondered how that could have been possible. The story follows Jack Frost, an unseen and barely believed figure who brings snow days and chilly winds to people everywhere. When he is called upon to become a guardian and join the ranks of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and Sandman, he can hardly believe it. But before he knows it, Jack is thrust into a new duty of protecting the children of the world and searching for his center, or the “why” behind his powers and place among the guardians. The team faces an old enemy–the Boogeyman–and struggles to imagine how they might stand up to the face of fear and nightmares. Can the joy of the holidays and belief keep Jack and his friends alive? 

I didn’t realize until now just how star-studded the cast is. It features Chris Pine, Jude Law, Hugh Jackman, Alec Baldwin, and Isla Fisher, so if you’re a fan of any of those actors, this is the movie for you. They are all just as cool in animated form as they are in the rest of their blockbusters!   

The movie is, at its core, a celebration of childlike innocence. It encourages viewers, no matter their ages, to hold onto a sense of wonder in order to keep the magic of youthful and wholesome experiences alive for all. Turn it on and remember why you fought so hard to believe!