Review: The Good Place

Image Source: NBC

Everyone ponders the age old question—what happens after life here on earth? NBC’s The Good Place explores this very question. The show takes off when protagonist Eleanor Shellstrop is both pleased and shocked to find herself in the Good Place after her death. When she soon realizes that she’s not meant to be there, she tries to do everything in her power to stay.

Filled with eccentric characters, startling cliffhangers, and an abundance of frozen yogurt, The Good Place has all the right ingredients to make the perfect feel-good show. Sarcastic Eleanor balances out people-pleaser Tahani, and slow-witted Jason balances out know-it-all Chidi. Throughout the show, the  characters develop nicely, not only individually, but also in their relationships.

The plot unravels at the perfect pace with each episode starting off on the slower side, and accelerating gradually, until finally reaching the climax at the end. The viewer is guaranteed to click on the next episode as fast as they can.

The show’s dialogue, however, does have a sense of predictability to it. Many lines are very foreseeable and expected. These formulaic conversations take away from an otherwise spectacular show.