The Dele Alli Challenge

Image Source: Getty Images (FOTO)

The internet has found it’s newest trend, shifting away from Kiki towards the Dele Alli hand celebration challenge. Dele Alli, a soccer player for the England National Team, made the hand gesture after scoring a goal and now everyone is trying to recreate it, some posting about how they are scoring the look and the others highlighting just how terrible they are at it. The England National Team has also been working hard on mastering it.

This trend has been quaking throughout the social media world by Alli posting a picture of himself creating the motion. His instagram blew up got over 400,000 likes in a matter of days.

Dele Alli uses this gesture as a celebration of scoring a goal just as many people do their own gestures of excitement after their achievements. However, some skeptics are denying the fact that Dele Alli created the gesture and believe that the real maker was Jesse Lingard, another English star. Not much has come out of it for Alli other than more fame now being a face on the wall of memes. I think that calls for another Dele Alli (or Jesse Lingard) gesture. The world shall find out the truth soon enough.

Instructions on how to make the Dele Alli hand celebration gesture.