The Darkest Part of the Forest


If you are looking for an intriguing new fantasy book but you’re not in the mood for a long series, I recommend The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black. While this book incorporates elements from a previous trilogy by Black, they are not necessary to read to understand this one. The Darkest Part of the Forest combines the modern world with mythical creatures in a way that is somehow both jarring and completely seamless, and proves to be a wonderful read.

The novel follows a teenager, Hazel, as she makes discoveries about the world she’s lived in all her life that completely change the course of her future. At the center of the story is a horned prince encased in a glass coffin not unlike Snow White, who inevitably wakes up and kicks off the fantastical story filled with fairies, knights, and other intriguing creatures.

I absolutely loved reading this book. I am an avid fantasy reader, so this story immediately caught my eye. Black creates an intricate world that simultaneously feels so exotic and completely normal at the same time, and constantly keeps the reader guessing. She pulls off amazing plot twists, reveals, and surprising romantic subplots that kept me turning page after page well into the night. Fans of Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and The Chronicles of Narnia will especially enjoy this story. If the opportunity presents itself, do not pass up The Darkest Part of the Forest.