The Comeback of 2023 Vintage Fashion:

Source: Flower Knows

Floral, cottage-core gowns, glamorous hairstyles, conservative outerwear, and intricately designed makeup packaging all have ties to vintage beauty. If you’d like to explore this beauty for yourself, and locate where you can find clothing and makeup that resemble vintage fashion in 2023, take a look at the following recommendations. 

Source: Unique Vintage

#1 Unique Vintage

            “Unique Vintage: Clothing & Dresses” wants shoppers to “step into the perfect vintage-inspired dress, top, swimsuit, or skirt with cute, retro fashions.” 

            On its website, Unique Vintage gives shoppers the option to “shop by era.” For example, if they select the “1940s” button, they’ll be redirected to a page filled with 1940s fashion, such as the “Ivory Ruffle Short Sleeve Blouse” for $54 or the “Black Lace Elbow Length Gloves” for $16. On the other hand, if shoppers were to select the “1970s” era, they might come across the “Kelly Green Platform Heels” that they can strut in for $46. 

            Unique Vintage carries a variety of classic fashion at a wide range of prices. Their clothing and accessories are perfect for stepping into 2023.

Source: Thrifted

#2 Thrifted Finds

            Thrifted Threads sells clothes “for your vintage and thrifted needs.” Items like a $25 “90s Denim Jacket” or graphic tees and sweatshirts can be found on the website, as well as name brand clothing, like the $20 “Mickey Unlimited Embroidered Sweatshirt.” 

   sells men’s sweater vests for casual settings, along with proper ones, like the “Roberto Blion Sweater Vest” for $30 in brown wool, as well as a woman’s $80 “Iceberg Blazer,” which is the perfect attire for an office. 

            On top of these websites, shoppers can find outfits at their local thrift stores which typically carry vintage fashion pieces at low prices. 

Source: Flower Knows

#3 Vintage Makeup

            The makeup brand “Flower Knows Cosmetics” recently trended on TikTok after user @yannalinna uploaded a video reviewing the brand’s blush products and tools, like its brushes and mirrors. The brand has a trace of vintage fashion to its design. 

            For example, the “Strawberry Rococo Embossed Blush” for $26 is “inspired by antique medallion jewelry” with its presentation of Rococo classical art and its “3D angel and Strawberry embossing.” Additionally, the “Chocolate Wonder-Shop Hand Mirror” for $25 is inspired by the “british plaid” and designs a silhouette portrait of a girl wearing two twist braids. The mirror is available in beige, pink, or red.