The Captivation of Crystal Cove

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The summer is a great time to do activities such as going to the beach, eating ice cream, and hiking. One of the great hiking spots in Southern California is Crystal Cove State Park located in Newport Beach.

When thinking about hiking in this area, a lot of people go to Hollywood to take the iconic Hollywood sign photo.

However, Crystal Cove is a great hidden gem for wanting to hike next to the beach and feel that cool summer breeze. There are four hiking trails that range from easy, moderate, difficult, and strenuous. It’s peaceful and a great way to get in tune with nature, and perhaps even escape from the everyday fast-paced life of modern society.

Along with hiking trails, Crystal Cove also has other fascinating sights such as the tidepool explorations. Tidepools are shallow pools of seawater that can contain living creatures such as crabs, starfish, and sea anemones. Many researchers go to the park to study the tidepools and the inhabitants within the body of water.

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Although, there are some cautions when it comes to tidepool exploration. Tidepools, and the beach in general, are a Marine Protected Area, meaning one will be punished if they break certain rules. For one, people cannot remove animals, shells, or other objects from the pools as it is their home, and removing one can cause harm to another. Another rule is to never pick them up as animals are living beings who should not be disturbed in their natural habitat. Additionally, one should never turn over rocks because there could be creatures living under them.

Tidepools are fascinating as they serve as little kingdoms for sea creatures and other aquatic objects. There are different ecosystems within the pools and they can be beneficial for researchers to study new organisms or to see the current state of the ocean. 

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Another activity that can be done at the park is camping at Moro Campground. One can reserve a spot and camp by the beach. It’s a great place to camp because of its close proximity to Newport Beach as well as the nature around the site. People can do things such as hiking, swimming, and scuba diving while camping in the area. There are some restrictions at the campgrounds that are stated on their site.

Overall, Crystal Cove State Park is a great area that resides in Newport Beach. People can hike, swim, and even camp in the area. The park is a way to be in touch with nature as people explore the wonders of things such as sea anemones or birdwatching.