The Brides Rock

image source: Wingkiu Leung

The Brides Rock is a lesser known attraction in Hong Kong, although it has captured the attention of many photographers. It lies on the outskirts of the city, so getting there is definitely complicated and pricey, but ultimately worth it. I would recommend going on a slightly warmer day, because in addition to having a waterfall, the Brides Rock also boasts a natural rock pool where people can go swimming while enjoying a magnificent view.

There are also many neighboring attraction points in close proximity to the Brides Rock which are more popular but in my opinion not as scenic. When I went there in the summer, I ran into about two photographers who praised the Brides Rock for its natural beauty, and claimed that the waterfall was most majestic at sunrise, as a thin layer of fog would settle over the entire area. I would recommend this hidden gem for those who love swimming in natural pools (but don’t mind fish and mud!), as well as photographers who want to capture a beautiful waterfall shot.