The Best Summer Haircare for Fine, Straight Hair

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When we think about beauty, our minds often drift to makeup and skincare, maybe even body care. One aspect of beauty that is easily overlooked is none other than haircare. If you have dyed or processed hair, you most likely have an intricate hair care routine in place already in order to maintain your look. However, in the summer months, you may have to up your game in order to combat the humidity and heat too. Read on to see some of my favorite hair care products and tips for fine, straight hair.


1. Use a Leave-in Conditioner Every Other Day

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Although my hair is fine, I don’t believe in avoiding oily or creamy products, as some beauty gurus suggest. The key isn’t to cut these products out of your routine altogether; it’s to find lighter products that work with your hair instead of against it. I’m a big fan of this Sun Catcher Power C Boosting Leave-in Condition from R+Co, since it helps to soften, seal, detangle, and fight frizz without weighing down your hair at all.


2. Use a Hair Mask At Least Once a Week

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On that note, hair masks are also essential in maintaining healthy hair. This Rose Water Petal Soft Hair Treatment from Pantene helps make my hair super soft, and I find that it works really well on colored hair as well. Plus, it smells heavenly and makes my entire shower experience amazing.


3. Always Use an Anti-Frizz Serum

Image from Garnier

I use a hair serum all year round, but during the summer months, I use even more of it, since the heat can make my fine hair extra frizzy. I love how affordable this serum from Garnier Fructis is. Plus, it makes my hair instantly shinier, softer, and more healthy-looking. I can let it go if you’re lazy and want to skip the leave-in conditioners and hair masks, but you’ll absolutely regret skipping out on this serum.


4. Use a Heat Protectant Spray When Styling Your Hair

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During the summer, I like to avoid heat styling, since it’s already unbearably hot in LA. I don’t even blow-dry my hair in the summer. Just thinking about it makes me sweat. When I have to go to formal dinners or events though, I inevitably turn to heat tools to style my hair in waves, but whenever I do, I always remember to use a heat protectant spray. This way, my hair doesn’t become overly dry or brittle. This one from Bumble and Bumble is one of the best heat protectants that I’ve tried, and I love how it provides UV protection as well.


What are some of your favorite summer haircare products?