The Best Jewelry For The Holiday Season

Oftentimes, accessories can become a forgotten aspect of fashion, but when it comes to stylish outfits, they can make or break a look. As an important category of accessories, jewelry can effectively add on to your look and reflect the appropriate occasion. With winter comes the holiday season, making it a good time to reflect the time of the year through jewelry. 

Winter symbols and colors are popular choices in jewelry, with options such as snowflakes, snowmen and stars in blues, whites and yellows. On top of these options, there are many that relate to winter holidays, such as Christmas’s decorated trees, ornaments, reindeers, mistletoe and poinsettia, as well as New Year’s fireworks and champagne. These symbols of the holiday season can be applied to necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and more. 

Because of the special season, many jewelry brands have released holiday collections. Swarovski has a wide selection of jewelry with star motifs such as the Stella collection, and it even has a variety of crystal Christmas ornaments. Pandora’s classic bracelets now have a large collection of beautiful Christmas charms that you can use to personalize your jewelry. Each charm is connected to the holiday season in some way, making it a perfect way to show your holiday spirit. APM Monaco’s Meteorites collection is also another one with stars as its design element that goes perfectly with the winter holidays. While it is not something you can wear, Tiffany & Co. has a limited edition collaboration with Andy Warhol, offering a beautiful selection of ring dishes that reflect the holiday spirit. 

The importance of jewelry to a fashionable outfit cannot be understated. This holiday season, why not try to express your spirit in a subtle, yet special way?