The Benefits of School Spirit

Image source: Hollywood Reporter

School spirit can be associated with good and bad things. Some people say it unifies students while others say it’s another kind of tribalism that encourages an “us versus them” mindset. While the latter isn’t exactly false, school spirit can still benefit students in multiple ways.

We’re All in This Together

Like the famous lyrics from High School Musical, school spirit creates a community that students can connect with, one that says “We’re all in this together.” Being part of a community not only feels good but also makes students feel like they’re a part of something that’s bigger than themselves.  

A Happier Environment

Having school spirit can make a happier environment. A lot of students already struggle with school, and claim to even hate it, so having no school spirit can make these feelings even worse. However, if there is school spirit, it at least makes school more enjoyable for students. While students may hate school work, they’ll at least like being at school itself.

Making Memories

Looking back at high school or college, some of the best memories are school spirit related. Whether it’s from the fun spirit weeks of high school or the intense college football game against your school’s rival, school spirit creates some of the fondest memories with the friends and peers around you.

School spirit has its positives, and while it also has its negatives, that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. School spirit shouldn’t be everything, but it shouldn’t be nonexistent either.