The Beauty of Music

Image Source: udiscovermusic

As someone who has food on the table, a roof above my head, and friends and family who care for me, I have a lot to be grateful for. A few years ago, someone told me that every day, I should write down three things I am grateful for, regardless of how big or small. Doing so has opened my eyes to how much I have every day that I don’t always realize how lucky I am to have. One of these things is music. Music is an escape from reality, a way to cope with all the stressful situations that go on in life. According to the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being, “Listening to music and expressing ourselves through music is so powerful that it is a popular way of healing stress and exercising creativity.” I have enjoyed listening to music, playing music, and singing all my life and it is the best way for me to calm down and relax after having a stressful day. I never realized that music is something that not everyone has until I started writing down what I am grateful for.

Sometimes, when words fail to express what we are feeling, music can. There are songs that relate to almost every situation that people go through, and with different genres of music, everyone can use music as a way to de-stress. For instance, I have playlists made for different moods. There are some I use to hype myself up and get energy, some I use when I’m mad or frustrated, and some I use when I am sad and need a good cry. Each song gives me a chance to forget about whatever is going on in my life and a chance to just think.

Writing this article has made me realize all the different times in life when we listen to music: during parties, to get through grief or loss, during long road trips, while doing homework, or to fall asleep. Although everyone has different tastes in music and prefers different styles, music is a way to express emotions and mood. For that reason, this Thanksgiving, when I list everything I am thankful for, I will be sure to include music in that list.