Thanksgiving Foods to Bond Over

Image Source: Lydia Guertin

Thanksgiving is readily approaching, meaning that all our minds are on the food we will eat on Turkey Day. However, the preparation of the food is just as important as the consumption. Here are three recipe ideas that incorporate family time into the making of food and altogether encompass what Thanksgiving is really about.


The first food that is easy to turn into a family event is cupcakes. Because they are so involved, i.e. everything from the batter to the baking to the frosting, and can be individualized, these are a great way to bond with relatives while baking. The mindless nature of the icing portion especially lends itself to conversation.


Another family food is the classic Thanksgiving pie. Regardless of filling choice, the act of preparing both the crust and the filling as well as taking the time to cut holes for steam to vent in the top layer of crust is easily convertible into a multiple person job and can be used as a way to grow closer with relatives you may not see often.


Lastly, to end on a savory note, homemade chicken and noodles is a great option for an entire afternoon. Because the noodles have to dry after you cut the dough into the noodle shape and then have to be boiled before they are even added to the dish, this is a good dish to get younger cousins or kids to be involved with the preparation of the food. All of these can kick off a session of family bonding that truly exemplifies what Thanksgiving is all about.