Thanksgiving Attire

Thanksgiving is a wholesome time with hot food and autumn sweaters. Though this holiday is great for new recipes and catching up with family, edgy fashion choices don’t typically fit the vibe. However, autumn is the perfect time to try a different look while staying warm and comfortable at the dinner table.

Photo from styleoholic

The key to a perfect holiday outfit is layers. I always bring at least two layers, if not three to family-oriented hangouts. As much as you might want to wear that new, expensive dress, I highly suggest waiting for New Year’s Eve. Instead, try a sweater, a skirt, and tights; it gives you a little wiggle room to change or take things off if the temperature is too high or there is a mishap in the kitchen. You don’t want one glass of wine to ruin your favorite formalwear.

Photo from Lulus

I personally choose at least one statement piece for a holiday outfit, whether that be a certain color, jewelry, or an oversized clothing item. It’s a fun and simple way to look put together without wearing a whole runway look at Grandma’s house. For example, wearing a plum sweater dress with more neutral tights or a jacket is a fresh and elegant look.

Other examples of statement pieces are oversized sweaters, fun printed pants like plaid or houndstooth, knee or thigh-high boots, or a string of pearls. All of these items are themed and pair well with subtle colors and pieces.

In terms of color, warm neutrals are obviously the first pick, but there are subtle ways to incorporate these colors without looking like a Crate & Barrel catalog. Some colors I’ve been loving in fall have been mustard yellow, forest green, reddish-brown, and taupe. These colors work well together and blend with softer neutrals for a put-together look.

Photo from Sephora

I also recommend lighter, airy makeup, like pale pinks, mauves, and dark roses for a flushed, natural make-up look. For perfume, try a warm aroma like vanilla, musk, black tea, or orchid-based scents. All these details will create a wonderful holiday dinner experience!