Tech For Dummies

Image Source: Apple

I am what people call “technologically impaired”. I grew up in the booming era of technology, yet
am still as hopeless as my seventy year old grandma. Because of that, I can only manage the
“dummy” proof technology. So if you’re like me, here are the different products you should get.

I recently got a new computer after my old one took a few too many tumbles out of my
backpack, and boy am I happy. I bought the twelve inch MacBook and it is the most convenient,
easy to use laptop. It’s so lightweight I sometimes forget I have it in my bag, which is great for
long days, shuffling around campus. Even though it’s small, the keyboard is perfect size for
busting out long essays and the screen is still large enough to binge your favorite shows. The
best thing about this computer is if you’re a student, you get up to $200 off and a free pair of
beats! Honestly, I think we can all agree that’s a steal.

Another Apple product I love is the Apple Watch. I thought the Apple Watch was overrated at
first and waited a long time to purchase one. Plus, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to figure out
text on it since I can barely use my phone. But it’s so easy to set up and pair with all of your
other Apple products. I love that I can text and call while on the go so I don’t always have to
have my phone with me. One of my favorite features is the step counter. Me and my friends get
competitive with how many steps we take in a day so it’s great motivation to stay active. I don’t
have too many products or apps because I don’t need them and probably wouldn’t know how to
use them. However, all of the products I do have are light, sleek and easy to use. They’re all
Apple products, so basically if you’re looking for a dummy proof product that even your grandma
can use, I highly recommend Apple. Just don’t blame me when your grandma won’t stop
sending you emojis.