Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour: It’s Been a Long Time Coming

Image Provided by Olivia Ragan

This week, I had the wonderful, amazing experience of being able to see Taylor Swift on her last stop of the first U.S. leg of the Eras Tour. I attended her August 9 show and was absolutely floored by each breathtaking moment. She moved through nine of her ten eras, and each set was accompanied by its own set change, outfit variants, and overall vibe. 

Taylor started out with her Lover era, where she played six songs off the album accompanied by her cute, pink, and sparkly bodysuit. She moved on to her Fearless era, where she played three songs and adorned her gold (and sparkly) classic Fearless dress. Next up was Taylor’s evermore era, which included five songs, one of which was accompanied by the band HAIM, who also opened for her. Taylor wore her classic orange/yellow evermore dress. Following evermore was the reputation era, which was performed in Taylor’s usual black and red snake bodysuit as she sang four hits from that album. After reputation, we changed the pace while entering the Speak Now era, where Taylor adorned a NEW and BLUE dress and performed two songs. The Red era followed with four songs, one of which was ten minutes long. Red was followed by folklore, where Taylor again introduced a NEW and BLUE outfit while she sang her usual seven songs. Finally, we reached the 1989 era, where Taylor stepped out in a NEW and BLUE set. 

You might be wondering, “Why does it matter that all the new outfits were blue?” and there’s a slightly complicated answer to that question. 

Each era generally corresponds to a specific color, so the blue outfits were actually Taylor’s way of preparing us for an amazing announcement that she would make toward the end of the show. Fans have waited anxiously for her August 9 show because we all suspected her to announce that she was going to release 1989 (Taylor’s Version), and I am proud to say it was true. Just before her acoustic songs, she announced that 1989 (Taylor’s Version) would be ours soon, with a release date on October 27. 

Taylor then played her two surprise songs of the night, “New Romantics,” the last song she had left to play off of the 1989 album, and “New Year’s Day” from reputation. She then finished her night with the Midnights era, her new blue bodysuit, and the same seven songs.   

Taylor Swift puts on nothing short of an exciting and entertaining show, and she made sure her last show was one to remember. I can safely say that this concert was well worth the wait.