Taylor Swift doesn’t just write songs about her exes

Image Source: BuzzFeed

I am an avid fan of Taylor Swift. She topped my Spotify Wrapped last year, so naturally, I know a lot about her music and the meaning behind her lyrics. However, something that’s always bothered me is how the public dumbs her music down to only being about guys. Some of my favorite songs by her have nothing to do with any romantic relationship she’s been in. To show that Swift doesn’t just write songs about her exes, here are three of my favorite songs by her and what they’re actually about. 

  1. “Marjorie” – Evermore 

“Marjorie” is the 13th song off of her album Evermore, and it discusses an aspect of love that isn’t very obvious: grief. Throughout the song, Swift details the lessons her late grandmother taught her. In the bridge, Swift sings, “I should’ve asked you questions, I should’ve asked you how to be, Asked you to write it down for me, Should’ve kept every grocery store receipt, ‘Cause every scrap of you would be taken from me” emphasizing the overwhelming feelings of sorrow that come with losing a loved one. Swift ends the song by stating something that anyone who has lost a family member can relate to, “What died doesn’t stay dead. They live with us forever in our memories and our continuous love for them.” 

  1. “The Best Day” – Fearless (Taylors Version)

“The Best Day” is a song all about Swift’s unconditional love for her mom. Any daughter close to their mother will surely hear this song and resonate with the sentiment she displays throughout. At one point she sings, “I know you were on my side, even when I was wrong, And I love you for giving me your eyes, For staying back and watching me shine,” showcasing how the love her mother has for her helps her get through life and has shaped who she is. Without a doubt, this song reminds me of my mom every time I listen to it, which makes me smile. So, my message to my own mom is thank you for “giving me your eyes” and “sitting back and watching me shine.” 

  1. “Bejeweled” – Midnights

“Bejeweled” is a song from Swift’s most recent album Midnights. This song may sound like just another pop anthem, but if you listen closely you’ll hear that the lyrics are all about empowering and loving yourself. It is embedded with confidence and positivity, and when she sings, “I made you my world, have you heard I can reclaim the land? And I miss you, but I miss sparkling”, she explains how she is done letting people–especially her partners–walk all over her. She might miss them later on, but most importantly she misses herself, and that is what she prioritizes over anything else. 

Although I only talked about three songs here, I hope you can see that Taylor Swift doesn’t just write about her exes. Instead, she writes about all kinds of love and its importance.