Sustainable Living, But Make It Fashion

Sustainable fashion is a practice that the world should start making use of. Not only is it affordable, but it helps the environment.

One way that I practice sustainable fashion is through clothes swapping. Sometimes we realize that we do not want some of the clothes that we currently have in our closet or that we simply don’t use anymore. Instead of donating them or giving them to a friend we just toss them out. Something that my friends and I have recently discovered is clothes swapping. We gather all of our unwanted and forgotten items and essentially trade with each other. It’s a very effective method and it also allows you to know just where the clothes are coming from.

Photo from Modern Frugality

Another method that I use is cutting. When you find yourself with a ripped shirt or a messed-up pair of jeans the first reaction is to throw that item away, which usually results in purchasing a whole new item. Instead of throwing it away and buying another, you can actually save the item and create a whole other product. If your shirt has a rip or a bleach stain you can cut it into a different style rather than tossing it out. If your jeans have a tear, instead of throwing it away you can fray new rips into them, making them ripped jeans.

Photo from Red White & Denim

There are so many ways that you can practice sustainable fashion. The options are endless; we just need to take advantage of them! Using these ideas not only gives you new clothing but also saves you money—and both are a win in my book!