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Continuing from last time, I’m here to update you on the surprise songs Taylor Swift has been playing on her tour. She has played nine more shows since the last time I updated you, which means she has played 18 more surprise songs. 18 more songs some of us won’t get to hear live, 18 songs for us to be devastated by, and 18 more songs we can knock off the list. Here are the songs she’s played: 

4/13 – Tampa, FL: 

  •  “Speak Now” from Speak Now
  •  “Treacherous” from Red (Taylor’s Version)

4/14 – Tampa, FL: 

  • “You’re On Your Own, Kid” from Midnights 
  •  “The Great War” from Midnights (3am Edition)

4/15 – Tampa, FL: 

  • “mad woman” from folklore  
  • “Mean” from Speak Now 

4/21 – Houston, TX: 

  • “Wonderland” from 1989  
  • “You’re Not Sorry” from Fearless (TV)

4/22 – Houston, TX: 

  • “A Place in This World” from Taylor Swift
  • “Today Was A Fairytale” from Fearless (TV)   

4/23 – Houston, TX: 

  • “Begin Again” from Red TV 
  •  “Cold As You” from Taylor Swift 

4/28 – Atlanta, GA: 

  •  “The Other Side Of The Door” from Fearless (TV)
  •   “coney island” from evermore

4/29 – Atlanta, GA: 

  • “High Infidelity” from Midnights
  •  “Gorgeous” from reputation

4/30 – Atlanta, GA: 

  • “I Bet You Think About Me” from Red (TV)
  • “How You Get The Girl” from 1989

I can see Swifties on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok being frantic about what songs she will play each week. They notice everything, including the fact that up until recently, she hadn’t picked one surprise song from reputation. It’s been a trip every week seeing who lost their favorite song and what songs we have to cross off as more shows get heartbreaking picks. 

As more songs get knocked off the list, My top songs get dwindled, and I have to hope and manifest she doesn’t play my other picks at another show. I was devastated she played “I Bet You Think About Me,” but as long as she stays away from “right where you left me,” I think I’ll be okay….For now. 

Tune in next time when I give you the list of the next nine tour dates and which sweet, lyrical heartbreakers we have to say goodbye to next as Taylor continues to play her surprise songs.