Supporting Sustainable Makeup

Image Source: Vetta

Whenever I am looking into buying new makeup products, I like to read about the brands and see if they are ethical and sustainable. This can mean a variety of things: not testing products on animals, using renewable energy, and using eco-friendly materials. Some brands you might know that are cruelty-free are The Body Shop and Fenty Beauty. There is also a list here that details which beauty brands are ethical, and it’s very helpful!

It’s not time-consuming to do a little bit of research on brands you’re interested in and what they use in their products. This way, you know what you are putting on your face and understand the bigger messages you are supporting by purchasing from the brand. It is important to seek out ethical products and companies so that we continue to do our part in not causing harm to the environment. More and more companies are either being developed with a mission of being sustainable, or are switching their manufacturing processes to be more eco-friendly. 

With so many brands to choose from, it has become a lot easier to support high-quality, sustainable companies that offer a host of products. They’ve done their part in putting out ethical products, and now we can continue spreading this message by purchasing and recommending items from these companies to people we know. It’s these small steps that, when taken by many people, can cause a big difference.