Supporting Our Community During Quarantine


The dawn of quarantine meant a new movement for self care, encouraging people to take the time for themselves they usually push aside. During the last few months, however, the lens of the pandemic has shifted to magnify the places that need attention outside of our homes like the health, equality, and happiness of others. This presents a problem- how can we socially distance while still getting involved? Fortunately, many organizations have expanded their opportunities to include safe, virtual options that allow for communities to still be served and supported. 

One such group is Project Access, a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide affordable housing, support, enrichment, and care for those in need. Knowing that existing struggles of job loss and financial burden have only been exacerbated by the pandemic, their mission has become even more important. This organization serves people of all ages and encourages relationships between their communities and volunteers- something that COVID-19 makes too dangerous without careful changes. They are, however, searching for those willing to lend a hand by participating in Virtual Wellness Calls to low income residents. As these cannot be conducted in person, it has become an urgent need to keep residents in touch with a volunteer who can assess their needs and be a listening ear. To fully equip those interested in stepping into this role, Project Access will provide virtual training, instructions, scripts, a list of call assignments, and freedom to commit whatever time you have available. The only requirement is that you are 18 or older and have a desire to reach out and care for others! 

If this particular role isn’t one you can fill, Project Access is also looking for people to help with translation services, food distribution, and more. Their website holds a place to sign up as well as a host of opportunities associated with assessing and meeting the needs of harshly impacted communities. 

Searching for ways to give back during this time has become doubly important because the severity and length of the pandemic has only increased the need of non profit organizations and the people they serve. Websites like OneOC’s Volunteer Opportunity Search page offer a place to look for ways you can step in and fill the needs of countless nonprofits in the area.

Whether it be through Project Access or another organization, find a way to lend a hand and shed some light in the darkness of this pandemic.

Project Access website: 

OneOC Volunteer Opportunity Search Page: