Supernatural: It’s Time to Carry On

Nerds and Beyond

On November 19th, 2020, the fantasy/horror show Supernatural came to an end after a fifteen-year run. The show lasted ten years longer than originally anticipated. Fifteen seasons is no small feat for a television program, making it one of the longest-running sci-fi shows in America. Supernatural has won over millions of viewers around the world, and the finale has brought it to a bittersweet end.

Many of us found enjoyment in the little things this past year, and for me, Supernatural has always fit the bill. While I can’t say I have been a fan from the very beginning in 2005 (I only started watching in 2015), it quickly became one of my favorite shows. I love everything about it, but the characters by far are the greatest things about Supernatural.

There has never been a character like Dean Winchester, someone who went through so much trauma and pain that by all rights he should be a raging lunatic who lets out his anger on anyone that gets in his way. Instead, he remains “the most selfless, loving human being” (Supernatural 15×18) up until the very end. Throughout the seasons Sam Winchester has grown into a confident leader who constantly holds onto hope, despite the heartbreak and destruction in his past. And Castiel, the Angel of Thursday, learns to love after “[gripping Dean] tight and [raising him] from perdition” (Supernatural 4×01), maturing from a soldier blindly following heaven’s orders into the only angel who truly cares for humanity as God originally commanded.

There have been so many other wonderful characters: Jack, Bobby, Ellen, Jo, Bela, Charlie, Jody, Claire, Donna, Crowley, Rowena, Garth, Eileen, John, and Mary. Every single one of them taught viewers lessons about life and love, which is ultimately what the show is about. Even after every monster they face, it all comes down to love; romantic love, love for friends, and most importantly, love for family. Many TV shows employ the “found family” trope, but none so much as Supernatural, a show that has even done the same for its fanbase with its numerous conventions and events. At the end of the day, Supernatural is about family, and I hope we can all remember the biggest lesson it taught us: “family don’t end with blood” (Supernatural 3×16).