Summer’s Happy-Go-Lucky New Trend: Dopamine Dressing 

Image Source: Vogue Business

One of my biggest joys in life is picking out what outfit I’m going to wear. Nothing in this world brings a smile to my face like matching my excess of tops and pants with the perfect pair of shoes and way too many accessories (but really, can you ever truly over-accessorize?) I love putting an outfit together and expressing myself through what I wear–but I didn’t always feel this way about fashion. Once upon a time, I found putting an outfit together exhausting. That is, until I discovered dopamine dressing. 

Dopamine dressing is exactly what it sounds like– wearing clothes that boost your mood. This differs for everyone, but the dopamine dressing aesthetic tends to include bright colors, unusual silhouettes, and over-the-top accessories. Creators involved in setting the trend advise taking inspiration from pieces already existing in your closet and experimenting with putting those pieces together in new and exciting ways. 

Image Source: Metro UK

You can also take to Pinterest to seek inspiration from creators who dress in a way that tickles your dopamine receptors and to find new ways to creatively style pieces you already own. Most importantly, though, try to find your own happiness-inducing style and avoid falling victim to seductive trends. Trends come and go, but finding a style that makes you happy will last a long time. Dopamine dressing is about bringing joy to your life through fashion, regardless of what others think. Life is simply too short to dress for anyone but yourself.