Summer’s Finest Fragrances

It is the most pleasant thing to switch up one’s fragrance for the summertime. The season calls for fresh, light scents that resist the sticky summer heat.

Here are four amazing fragrances to try out this summer.

Image from Macy’s

Chance – Chanel

Truth be told, I wear this perfume all year long but it’s also a classic summer scent and I think it smells best during the summertime. This wonderful fragrance is worth the price, as a couple of spritzes last the entire day and more. Chance is a delightful combination of floral and citrus notes.

Image from Amazon

Tommy Girl – Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Girl was a hit in the 2000s but it remains timeless to me. The scent isn’t overpowering but is energizing and perfect for casual wear. This fragrance has notes of mandarin orange and apple tree blossom. Tommy Girl screams summertime.

Image from Amazon

I Love Love – Moschino

Don’t let the “cheap” in Cheap and Chic trick you; I Love Love by Moschino is inexpensive but top tier in quality and scent. The best way to describe this perfume is sunshine and orange juice in a bottle. If you love fragrances with strong citrus notes, I’m sure you’ll love this one.

Image from Sephora

Light Blue – Dolce & Gabbana

My final selection for summer’s best fragrances is Light Blue by Dolce and Gabanna. This lovely perfume has a strong combination of citrus, apple, and bamboo notes; it doesn’t get any fresher than that for the summer heat.