Summer Time Nails

During the summer months, I consistently throw on my go-to denim shorts and a simple top with the occasional light gold jewelry if I’m feeling fancy, so there isn’t much room for a pop of color in my day to day look.

However, this summer’s nail trends are the perfect way to spice up any mundane look while not having to put any extra thought or effort into your outfit.

Photo from Who What Wear

The classic yet bold bright red nail look is the color I am looking most forward to wearing. Not only does it pair perfectly with gold jewelry, but it makes a statement and stands out against the neutral jean shorts or skirt without being too in your face.

This color might feel a bit out of your comfort zone, but it really will add a dimension to your look pairing nicely with your summer tan.

If a bold red nail is something you have tried before and feel isn’t for you, there’s always the go-to pastel color scheme that isn’t so intense. I personally always find myself resorting back to a light gloss-like pink, as it doesn’t contrast with any of my outfits but compliments them rather nicely.

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However now is the time to change up the usual routine and try a new color, whether it is muted or not. The best pastel colors to use when you are hoping to add a bit of color without too much pop are purples, pinks, and even light orange.

With an added tan or summer glow these colors compliment the season and will spice up any look for all summer occasions!