Summer Scrunchies

Summer is finally here! Since the hot days filled with laying out at the beach have finally arrived, scrunchies are the perfect accessories for putting your hair up. What I love about scrunchies is they are functional, and yet they act as an accessory. They help to cool you off, while being a stylish addition to an ensemble. I photographed a particular set of scrunchies that are from Urban Outfitters. I especially like this set because of the variety and colors. I like wearing the plain white and pink one with a patterned shirt and/or patterned bottoms. For color pairing, I would pair neutral color patterns with the pink scrunchie, as well as dark blue colors. The white can be paired with pretty much any color (except I prefer to stay away from pairing it with a plain white shirt) and adds a classy look to an outfit. Usually, I pair the patterned scrunchies with neutral colors. I like to pair the blue and white scrunchie with greys, while I prefer pairing the striped one with blacks, pinks, and dark blue. Scrunchies are an easy way to make an outfit more interesting. Get creative this summer by finding ways to accessorize that are simple and inexpensive!

Click here for some cute ones from Urban Outfitters

Hannah Novakovich