Summer Reads

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With literature constantly being created, there is often much more material for us readers to consume than we could possibly explore ourselves. It goes a long way, therefore, to get a little insight from a fellow reader.

Luckily, I’ve been able to put together a little bit of my own insight this past summer. With the stress and noise of school finally put on hold, I got the chance to sit down and catch up on a few recent bestselling novels. Here are some of my favorites:

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng is one of the most complex books I’ve ever read. The novel’s plot and characters are crafted with a rich depth that makes the reading experience both realistic and relatable. The novel follows two families who meet by chance but discover a deeper shared history than they could have anticipated. The theme of relationships is tested and explored through the friendship of characters Moody and Pearl, put under pressure when Moody’s brother engages in an affair with Pearl.

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Ng expertly ties in a web of stories and characters to create one, unifying theme, leaving the reader shook as to how the members of such a small community can have strong impacts on each other. Little Fireflies Everywhere is also made enjoyable by the authors softer, sweeter writing style, adding an essential touch of humanity to a story clearly intended to portray humanity at its core.

Before I Go to Sleep is more plot-driven than Little Fires Everywhere, but just as compelling. Written by S. J. Watson, the novel portrays the story of Christine Lucas, who wakes up each morning with no memory of previous day due to a traumatic encounter in her past. Throughout the novel, Christine is increasingly driven to feelings of doubt and paranoia regarding the people around her as well as herself.

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Packed with thrill, suspense, and tragedy, this has all the great qualities of a psychological thriller. I personally found Watson’s writing impressive, her extensive use of characterization and imagery to build a suspenseful mood admirable. I’d recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a entertaining tale of trust, relationships and the power of memory.

Happy reading!