Summer Reading and Travel

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Summer is a time for free schedules and exploring new places. Even though we can now safely adventure and travel, that shouldn’t stop us from traveling within our imaginations in the world of books. When you’re a student, summer gives your brain a break from working within the framework of academia. To take a break from strictly structured academics, books are helpful to use and grow the part of your brain that may not get as nurtured throughout the school year.

Taking the time to create a reading list at the beginning of each summer is beneficial because it not only establishes the reading goals and habits you expect to keep up, but it also helps you to define your interests and helps you to build upon the passions that you don’t normally have time to delve into during the school year. In addition to building upon passions, reading also has the power to introduce you to new ideas and concepts that catch your interest in ways you have never thought of before. 

By taking time at the beginning of summer to create a reading list you can stay within one genre or try new genres. In this way, reading during the summer is a lot like traveling: you can either go back to a place you’ve been to before and build upon the memories you have, try something similar but not unfamiliar, or go somewhere completely new where you can discover new passions.

Depending on what kind of books you select for your reading list determines where you are going to travel that summer. When you’ve read a lot you learn what kind of books and places you prefer to travel to, thus tailoring your reading experience to the genres you find most intriguing. I am an avid reader, and over the years I have realized that I enjoy reading fantasy and mystery books. By narrowing down my reading list to the genres and authors I enjoy, I am able to travel between magical and fantastical made-up lands and mysteries that are set in the real world. 

People often make up lists of where they’d like to travel during the summer, and when you think about it, making a reading list is not all that different. If you think about characters as travel guides, you can be exposed to all kinds of new themes and adventures by following the ups, downs, twists, and turns presented in books. Just like the places on your summer to-do list often require different modes of transportation, be that by plane or car, a reading list has its own mode of transportation: your imagination. And the different routes you take are the many books, characters, and genres that show you the way. The author of the app entwickeln lassen helped with the design of the text.