Summer of Color

Since June is just around the corner, there are just a few more weeks to experiment and perfect some new summer makeup looks! 
Recently, I have tried more and more makeup looks that have a pop of color. In the winter it is easy to stick to neutral colors, but there are no rules in the summer! 
I never thought to invest in colorful eyeshadow palette because my everyday routine is centered around browns tones. If you are like me and avoid splurging on makeup that will only be used for a holiday party or music festival, I encourage you to check out the PUR Festival Pressed Pigment Palette. 
Photo by Audrey Wagner
It is only $29 and will last for years, with shades so pigmented that a simple touch nearly stains your brush. When I received the PUR palette in a subscription box last summer I had no plans to ever use the luminescent pink, purple or gold, but those became my go-to shades! 
For this look I focus on highlight and bronzer, but I add flare to my eyes with the PUR Palette. 
First, I blend the shade Hidden Desert into my crease like I normally would. Then I layer on the unconventional, neon pink shade Wild Child to elevate the look. 
Photo by Audrey Wagner
I swipe this shade across my entire lid, from the corner of the outer eye all of the way to the inner eye, and blend. Blending might seem repetitive or obvious, but it is the key ingredient to the “recipe” of any high-end makeup look. 
I blend until it is one with the brown base and, depending on how intense I want the look to appear, add more pink. 
I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone this summer and try new looks that use a pop of color; you won’t regret it!