Summer Nails

As summer begins and warmer weather creeps in, the colors in our wardrobes change and with them our accessories and nail polish. I am not one to paint my nails very often, but when I do, it is during summer and I have my go-to colors.

Photo by Solene Trahand

Recently, I have grown fond of silver nails. Sometimes I use a sparkle-based silver approach and sometimes a metallic silver approach; in both cases, I try to stick to a lighter silver rather than grey.

I find silver goes great with most colors and the gleamy effect it has in the sun adds to the summer vibe. In addition, I almost only wear silver jewelry, so the color is called back at various places on my body.

Photo by Solene Trahand

Another nail polish color I use is a light, arguably pastel, blue. During the summer, my clothes consist of blues, reds, pastel purples, whites, light greys, and occasionally blacks. All of these colors pair well with a light blue nail, plus light blue is refreshing and joyous.

Occasionally when I want to mix colors, I paint my nails blue and have the ring finger on each hand be silver (or vise versa).

Photo by Solene Trahand

Despite the light colors that accompany summer clothing, I have found a black holographic nail polish to suit this season as well. The holographic effect of a black nail polish shines in the sun and the rainbow-like sparkles emit a summer dazzle. 

Black goes with almost everything and the holography in this nail polish has almost every color in it. This nail color fits your summer daytime activities, as well as nighttime events or fancy summer cocktail parties.

Warm weather means flip-flops and sandals may finally leave the closet. For some people, this also means it is time to paint their toenails. When I paint my toes, I like to use dark red. I find it elegant and subtle. Dark red matches my dressed up looks and also pairs well with shorts and a t-shirt.

My best tip towards choosing the color to paint your nails is to open your wardrobe and look at the colors in there. What do you wear? What suits you best? And how bold of color are you willing you to use?