Summer Movie Recommendations

2018 has seen an abundance of great movies, ranging from light hearted rom coms to thrilling horror movies. Although I can think of many movies that I thought were good, I would like to name a few that blew me away. 

The first movie I would recommend adding to your movie list is The Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. This movie had an ending I did not expect, and focuses on characterisation and relationship rather than plot; something uncommon of most mystery films. Furthermore, the acting is absolutely phenomenal, as the actors and actresses are able to transcend emotion through the screen. This is a heavy film with mature themes, and there are some graphic scenes throughout, so be warned. 

The second film I would like to recommend is Love, Simon. This is a touching rom com that is a summer favourite amongst many, including myself. I love that the film industry is progressing into a mindset inclusive of more individuals, and the release of Love, Simon was good news for many. It’s a great movie for just about anywhere, especially if you’re in for a long flight!

Image Source: IMDb

The last movie I would like to recommend is not a recent film, but one that is iconic beyond time. Breakfast At Tiffany’s, released in 1961, is old but nonetheless timeless. With Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard as protagonists for the roles, I love reminiscing back to the golden age of film and entertainment. The style and vibe of the film is different to what we are accustomed to nowadays, so Breakfast At Tiffany’s is definitely a great throwback!

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