Summer 2020 Sunglass Trends

Photo from Vint & York

Sunglasses, though a seemingly small accessory, can easily make or break an outfit. The many frames, lenses, shapes, and sizes available can set the tone for your outfit.

Small sunglasses are popular this summer. Though they come in different shapes, like cat-eye or rectangular, their height is what makes them stand out. 

Photo from Vint & York

These glasses offer minimal protection from the sun but instantly will add style to your summer outfits. They look great with a romper, dress, or shorts and a crop top, and will definitely give you a chic Hollywood vibe.

Translucent color lenses, which were a trend last summer, are back. Available in blues, pinks, yellows, and purples, these lenses will give a pop of color to your summer outfit. 

They can even complement a floral dress, as long as the color of the lenses matches the dress. These lenses make any shape of glasses look young and joyful.

Another trending sunglass shape this summer is the round-frame. These come in varying styles, from full circle to a flatter browline top. 

Glasses with a round frame fit every face shape and fit almost any casual summer outfit, making them a staple shape.

Sunglasses, though most importantly there to protect your eyes from the sun, can be a great fashion tool. Not only should you have options at home, but you should always have a pair on you; you never know when the sun will decide to shine.