Suitcases, Medical Information, and Drinks

Image via Awe Inclusive

Through the years, there are many different life hacks that I’ve learned. Whether for cooking, cleaning, studying, or traveling, it is always nice to find life hacks that make things more convenient. The first life hack that my parents taught me as a child is how to make finding your suitcase at airports easier. If your suitcase is not colorful or doesn’t have a unique pattern, it can be difficult to check each bag to see if it is yours. Instead, my family ties a colorful ribbon to each handle of our suitcases. This way, we can easily find our luggage at airport terminals.

Another life hack I was taught from a young age is to always keep a small piece of paper with your medical information in your wallet. If a medical emergency occurs that renders you unconscious, it will be much easier for the doctors to help you if they have easy access to basic medical information, such as your blood type and if you have any allergies. Information like this during a medical emergency can potentially save your life.

The last life hack I know relates to drinks. When drinking iced coffee, matcha, or orange juice, sometimes you want to add ice to cool the drink down. However, when adding ice cubes to the drink, it waters it down, and the drink no longer tastes as good. Instead, fill an ice cube tray with whatever beverage you are drinking and freeze it. This way, if you need to cool the drink down, add those ice cubes so the drink becomes cold but no longer gets watered down.

Life hacks are always good to know, especially if they make things easier and more convenient. I always research new life hacks to learn, and I hope that these life hacks help you as well.