Style Icon: Paige Secosky

Someone I discovered a couple of months ago is YouTuber Paige Secosky. Paige is a recent LIM College graduate living in New York who uses her platform to advocate for equal rights and especially sustainability in the fashion industry. 

Here are some of Paige’s best looks:

Photo from @paigesecosky

This brown look is one of my favorites that she has posted. Brown and earth tone colors have been trendy this winter and she wears them effortlessly. The combination of the different tones of brown with hints of white makes the outfit cohesive. Plus, I can’t get enough of the platform boots. They are definitely the next big trend that is coming back from the ‘90s. Paige experiments with multiple trends in this outfit, which can sometimes be too much, but with the different cuts and lengths it ends up working here.

Photo from @paigesecosky

I really liked this outfit because it’s a good example of how to mix comfort and chic in an easy way. This outfit is simply a pair of grey sweatpants, a white turtleneck, and a sweater vest, yet it seems like so much more. Paige does a good job of incorporating the latest trends while also giving it her own flare.

Photo from @paigesecosky

I like this outfit a lot because it is easy to recreate for yourself. This outfit is simple, but the added rips on the jeans, the lining of the bodysuit, and her black sock boots make it seem more intricate. This outfit screams “New York.”

Paige’s Instagram (@paigesecosky) showcases her outfits, so I follow along for new inspiration and it keeps me knowledgeable about the latest trends.