Studying with Quizlet

Image via Quizlet

As a student, an online resource I frequently use is Quizlet. Perhaps you are already familiar with this flexible website and use it casually on-the-go or for deep memorization when studying for a test. What I love most about Quizlet is the myriad of free features I can utilize to fit my studying needs.

  • My favorite feature is the audio setting when playing through cards. Personally, I tend to memorize concepts better if I listen to my notes while moving. By choosing “study,” then turning on “audio” in options, and then pressing “play,” Quizlet will read through the cards automatically.
  • If there is a particular topic or bunch of terms you need to study, you can highlight or star the cards you want to review, and it will give you a set specifically with those in it.
  • Quizlet allows users to collaborate with others on sets, and of course, study using practice tests, quizzes, and games.
  • If you like to pair pictures with your terms, Quizlet has a search-base with images to choose from.
  • Lastly, links to more information can be stored in the cards for later reviewing access.

I have used Quizlet since high school, and over the years, it has stuck as a simple, tried and true resource and aid to my academics.