Stores for a Splurge

Let’s face it, we all have stores that we spend a bit too much money on from time to time. Although I’m a huge sustainable fashion advocate and thrifter, I do like to treat myself once in a while to new clothes. The following are two of my favorite clothing stores; one for staples and one for style.

Photo from Garage

Garage is one of my favorite clothing stores and, at first glance, you wouldn’t think so. The colors are plain, the cuts are simple, the styles are timeless and safe. I love this store for all these reasons. 

Too often I find myself shopping at trendy, daring stores with crazy prints, graphics, and all-around experimental styles–which is great, but only if you want to be daring all the time. For me, I also need a reliable wardrobe of high-quality, basic clothing with neutral and block colors to pair with some of my more editorial choices.

Garage offers a wide array of neutral-toned denim, solid-colored tops with simple textures, sophisticated tanks, and going-out dresses. I personally love their skirts and their relaxed summer frocks. 

Though the prices are slightly high, Garage also has a wide sale section, with tops and bottoms for five to ten dollars at the lowest sale price. I’ve picked up several great items that I eyed at full price and waited until they were on sale. (Be careful not to wait too long or you’ll miss out on your size.) 

All around, this is a great place to shop for basics and neutral pieces to bring your whole wardrobe together.

Photo from New Girl Order

Speaking of wilder stores, one of my favorite online choices is New Girl Order, a UK brand that is also sold through Dolls Kill retail stores. This store is insane, from its prints to its cuts and collaborations. 

They’ve created a sexy and daring fashion for the likes of Hello Kitty fans to everyday gingham and plaid picnic dress wearers. They have an “e-girl” mixed with a “soft girl” brand that encourages bright colors and softer palettes. They thrive on pastels, retro prints, fabric texture mixing, and a fun attitude.

I personally love this brand because it helps me step outside my comfort zone while also indulging my geeky feminine side. The store is definitely on the pricier side but checking the sales page regularly can help you find a bargain. If you choose to splurge on a particular piece, you’ll know it will be unique and hold up well for many wears.