Steve Lacy’s Gemini Rights album will have you listening on repeat

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Steve Lacy, a guitarist, singer, songwriter, and producer, has caught the attention of many fans and other celebrities with the recent release of his second solo album, Gemini Rights.

Just like many other Steve Lacy fans around the world, I have been listening to Gemini Rights on repeat since the album dropped on July 15. The album is composed of ten songs, infused with many different elements of rock, R&B, funk, jazz, psych, and hip-hop that set up a tranquil, calming atmosphere for all listeners. 

In comparison to Lacy’s first solo album, Apollo XXI, which was released in 2019, his new album allowed him to continue to write and create his music in a proper studio, with the help of outside producers and musicians.

At the album’s surface, Gemini Rights invites the listeners to learn more about Lacy’s first true heartbreak. Many of the lyrics within these ten songs show a glimpse into how Lacy was treated by his partner and the emotions that he felt while being in that relationship.

In one of his songs on the album, “Buttons,” Lacy showcases the perils of romance between himself and his past partner: “You took me all around/Then treat me like a dog/And made me walk for miles/And then you help me up/I will never not love you.” 

Lacy has always been a genius when it comes to his lyrics, and the phrasings and metaphors on this album are no different. After listening to Gemini Rights on repeat for the past week, I was finally able to narrow down my favorite songs to “Give You the World” and “Sunshine,” but trust me, it was not easy. Every song on this album is absolutely phenomenal, showcasing Lacy’s songwriting and singing capabilities.

In Lacy’s song, “Sunshine,” featuring R&B singer-songwriter, Fousheé, together they continue to build on Lacy’s identity as being both the heartbroken lover and the defiant partner. In this song, Fousheé and Lacy pretend to be exes, fighting back and forth with one another, leaning further into the album’s overall purpose of explaining the duality of the Gemini zodiac sign. 

In my opinion, Lacy outdid himself with this new album, bringing in tantalizing beats, immersive guitars, delicate pianos, and catchy lyrics that will have you singing along – especially in his song, “Bad Habit.” The 10-song album paints a beautiful yet melancholy picture of how Lacy navigates lust, love, and his personal relationships. 

“The biggest lesson I learned at the end of this album process was how small we make love,” said Lacy in a statement for Apple Music. “I want to love unconditionally now. I will make love bigger, not smaller.”

Lacy showcases how important love truly is to him throughout this album while also emphasizing his queer and Black identities in his lyrics. His unique persona and musical style are on full display in Gemini Rights. I promise that it’s worth the listen – and several more.