Step Into Shape This Summer

In the heat of summer it can be too easy to stay inside with the AC pumping. Something about
the heat makes you lethargic, but that’s no excuse to be a couch potato. Long summer days are
the perfect time to get in shape. There are so many different ways to exercise during the
summer, so get off your couch and make this summer count!

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I love being active, but even I know it’s hard to find the motivation to go to the gym by yourself.
When no one is holding you accountable, it’s easy to put off a workout. That’s why I love
workout classes. I sign up ahead of time that way I have to go or risk paying a cancellation fee.
My go-to workout class is barre because of the way it tones my body and effectively sculpts my
legs, butt and stomach. No matter where you are, there is probably a barre studio near you.
Plus, many studios offer student discounts, making the rates much more affordable. I recently
started going to Pure Barre because there is one in my neighborhood and they have a great
student discount. The instructors are so kind and everyone in the class is excited to be there,
making me eager to go to all the classes!

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If a group workout class isn’t your style, you’re in luck! Summer is the perfect time to skip the
gym and opt for an outdoor workout. Whether you’re running on the beach or hiking the nearest
mountain, getting outside is the perfect way to explore any cool scenery your town has to offer
while still being active. If you live in a city and there isn’t a beach or mountain nearby, plan a
weekend trip with some of your friends to a nearby national park. It doesn’t matter if you camp
or stay at the nearest motel, going to a national park will force you to be active because of the
abundance of hikes, views and wildlife you have to get outside to see. Plus, hiking with friends
is a great way to hold everyone accountable.

So go out and be active. It doesn’t matter if you grab your gym bag or your hiking bag, grab
something and get in shape this summer!