Top 5 Mythical Beings To Be For Halloween

Halloween only comes around once a year, so you really gotta make your costume of the year count. Fortunately, the options are endless, with people getting more and more creative with their costumes as time goes by. However, that doesn’t mean that sticking to the classics cannot make you stand out; here are five mythical beings you can dress up as this year for Halloween. 

1. Angel


Dressing up as an angel means that your wings will be the highlight of your costume, so it’s important to find a good pair. Amazon and Party City both have great options for cheap prices, but if you also want to support small businesses in the process, then check out Etsy for some beautifully crafted products: a simple search for “angel wings” will do. Other than the wings and the halo, the angel costume does not require anything else specifically, leaving everything else in your control and allowing your creativity to shine through. 

2. Ghost


If you want a more laid back, simple look, then this ghost costume might be the one for you. It’s the most simple option there is: simply throw on a bedsheet and a pair of sunglasses, and you’re ready to be the funniest ghost there is. Who said Halloween couldn’t be spooky and humorous at the same time? 

3. White/Black Swan


Inspired by the classic Swan Lake ballet, these costumes can be worn as a pair, with two friends acting as mirror images of each other. Many pair costumes have been overdone or are too cheesy in either concept or execution, but the black and white swan duo costume can be worn separately as well without any strangeness to it. With this option, you can experiment with different styles of makeup, with the white swan having a more innocent, clean look and the black swan being more fierce and bold. 

4. Witch


It’s time to change the stereotype that witches are scheming old ladies who are evil and practice black magic. Kendall Jenner’s witch costume is simple but classy: a form-fitting black dress, opaque long gloves and a large witch’s hat. Another benefit of this costume is that it is also easy to put together: the little black dress might already be in your closet, and Etsy sells many lookalikes of Kendall’s hat.

5. Fairy


The fairy costume might seem a bit similar to the angel costume, as the two both incorporate wings into their outfits, but they have different looks in the end. Inspired once again by Kendall Jenner’s look, the fairy costume involves a more colorful dress, a flower crown and a different type of wings in comparison to the angel costume. If you’re into fairycore or cottagecore, then perhaps this look will be perfect for you.