Staying Mindful During the Quarantine

Image Source: University of Michigan

With everything being so uncertain, we are anxiously waiting for the day that COVID-19 settles so that we can return to normal or at least to the new normal. However, while I do understand everyone is impatient, it is essential to stay mindful. Health is our number one priority. Even though scientists have determined that this virus can be beaten, the reality is that we still don’t know everything there is to know, and we will not have a vaccine for a while. This means that even when the quarantine is lifted, we should all restrict the number of people we see and the number of times we leave the house. Social distancing will be crucial for many months to come, and we should refrain from putting ourselves and others in danger. 

If we all work together and do our part, we will start to see improvements. With COVID-19 being a highly contagious virus, it can be easy for things to settle and then start back up again in a matter of days or weeks. So, let’s stay mindful and not rush the process so we can reunite with family and friends soon. I hope everyone is staying safe and feeling mentally and physically healthy.