Staying Aware of Discrimination

Image Source: Rose Wong / for NBC News

With everything COVID-19 related happening at the moment, it is easy for us to place blame on others. Unfortunately, this has been the case in America, where we have seen racial discrimination against the Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities rise, since COVID-19 is believed to have originated in Wuhan, China. This is intolerable and incredibly racist, and everyone should step up to combat this discrimination, and be mindful of it. Here are some things you can do to help:

Do not call COVID-19 the “Chinese Virus”. Some Americans, including president Donald Trump, have been calling this virus the “Chinese Virus”; not only is this hurtful, but it is also wrong. We already have a name: COVID-19. For those of you who say that we called the Spanish Flu the Spanish Flu because it originated in Spain, that was a century ago in 1918. I would like to think that we have evolved from this kind of thinking. It places a target of vulnerability on the people associated with this “nationality” of a virus.

Don’t be a bully or a bystander. Unfortunately, hate crimes ranging from hate speech to acts of violence against Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders have risen during this time. Please, do not be a bystander if you happen to witness these acts, whether it’s in person or online. More importantly, do not partake or encourage them.

Support Asian businesses. Whether you order from a local restaurant or pick up things from another kind of business, try to support Asian businesses. They have seen a decline in customers, more so than others during this shaky economic situation.

Overall, stay mindful of what’s going on around youincluding racial discrimination.