Start Off the School Year With a Planner

Image source: Hannah Novakovich

I don’t know about you, but two weeks into school I already feel buried by schoolwork. What’s worse is that I tend to have a hard time leaving my school-related stress behind when I go out with my friends or my family; I am constantly thinking about the tasks waiting for me at home.

If you have the same problem as me, an easy way to keep your mind from constantly spinning is to write all of your assignments down in a planner. Planners come in all different sizes and formats, so feel free to pick the one that works for you. I found mine at Staples, and it has the layout of a notebook so that I am able to organize my To Do List however I prefer. If you are unable to fall asleep, write down your list of tasks for the next day, and your mind will be put right at ease. This is a proven fact–it’s due to your brain no longer feeling the need to keep your duties at the forefront of your mind in order for you to accomplish them. 

In my planner, I love to color code my classes. It allows me to clearly see what assignment needs to be done for each class. I bought a pack of colorful pens and assigned one color to each class, so that the color coding was consistent throughout my planner. After finishing an assignment it is important to cross off or put a check next to the assignment in your planner. By checking off an assignment after I finish it, I feel accomplished and motivated to move on to the next one! 

I hope that these tips allow you to leave your school stress at your desk, and help you get organized as you start off the school year strong!